In the middle of the 90’s, one Saturday near my house in Olivos, more precisely in the Military circle of Olivos, I saw an advertisement of an exhibition of Argentine Mastiffs (Dogos Argentinos).

Since it was a breed that I had seen previously and I had liked it, I went to the exhibition.

It was a specialized one, I sat down near the track and I really did not understand what was happening. I did not know what was being judged, and why some were celebrating in an outrageous way.

Then a handler stopped closely near me with a very important male. The handler was looking to the ring and the dog started looking at me. The handler did not have the dog very short leshed and then the dog approached me and suddenly with just a jump, he stood with his legs on my knees and his face very near to mine. What did that dog which had never saw me before? he licked my face.

In that moment I fell in love with the breed. How a dog of that size, of that strength, gave me this sample of fondness?

Little time after that I went to the CDA (Club Dogo Argentino) to ask for Dogo Argentino breeders, and ended up going to one that was relatively near my house and had several dogs in the FCA Ranking. Carlos Hernández owner of Kennel La Vieja Diana, received us, me and my wife, very well in his house and gave me the first advices on how to have a Dogo, one of them ¨a Dogo is not for anyone … ¨.

This way I bought him my first Dogo, Quebracho de La Vieja Diana, son of La Jefa de La Vieja Diana. Later the purchases to Hernández continued.

One day someone mentioned me about another breeder, telling me that in addition of having very good dogs, he was a person deigning of knowing. And I went to see Carlos Bellavitis, owner of Bravoure Blanche Kennel and we started a friendship that lasts until today.

In these lines I want to thank Carlos for being such a good person (to him, to his son Martín and to all his family), because he encouraged us to start bredding and because he advised us when it was necessary; I also want to thank him for Estrella Bravoure Blanche (Chacha) daughter of Recado Bravoure Blanche, an emblematic female of our kennel, with which most of our children grew up.

This way we began the endless trips to dog shows and learning; the first litters came, our first champion Vicky Bravoure Blanche, the first successes and also the failures, all that with an increasingly passion for the breed.

Last but not least, I want to thank my wife, Lucía, who is the real engine of the kennel, who takes care of them day by day, because is the one who treats them, who takes them to the veterinarians and is the face that no one sees in the dog shows. To her, my deepest gratefulness.